37 years of communal living

Relying on one’s own strength…

Gruppenfoto der ufaFabrik Lebensgemeinschaft

In the summer of 1979, the future residents of ufaFabrik had done enough dreaming, and on a beautiful day in June, took over the former Berlin UFA lab to enact their plan to put it peacefully, “Back in Action”. Their vision; to create an interdisciplinary, multicultural meeting place, and a vibrant people-friendly oasis for creativity, art, and social and environmental creative processes.

What started with a communal fund, and a single telephone, has developed over the past years into a world-renown model for communal living within a large city. From the beginning, the project was based on the idea that people could combine modest financial resources in order to live, work, create, and express themselves together.

Curious? Download the full text here (in German):