Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

Gründach und Solarforschungsprojekt ufaFabrik

Sustainability to us means bringing environmental, economic, social, and cultural issues together in a single, coherent context. This process has been in development at ufaFabrik since as early as 1976, and it continues to this day. Learn more here.

Little by little, we’re working to make our grounds both environmentally friendly and sustainable - both in terms of continuous optimization of the old buildings and service facilities, and through the work we do in our offices, and with our tenants and partners.

Sustainable Development and ecological construction

We offer those who are interested the opportunity to get to know the links between culture, ecology, economy, and the community. Join us to to explore these topics and actively participate in them.

Current topics

  1. "Wood constructions and Energy Efficiency" - Symposium at 12th of may 2015

  2. Renovating buildings to be more energy efficient, and creating new areas for the handicapped in the meeting places in the Neighbourhood Centre.

  3. Voltage stabilization in order to reduce CO2 emissions, and building new contacts in other European cities and rural areas in respect to the 21st agenda.

  4. Practical seminar on building construction with natural elements such as earth and straw bales. Find more info here.

  5. International conference, "Creative Strategies of Sustainability" in September 2013. More information here.

Seminars, student projects, and leadership

We offer seminars to groups of up to 25 people with an overview of the current fields of activity, the ecological technologies, and the projects planned for the future. Subsequent leadership completes the seminar. Please register at: Ecological guide.

Sustainability and Culture

Since 2004 we organize meetings, conferences and workshops on "Culture and Sustainability".

During an international conference on “Sustainability for European Cultural Managers” in June 2010 in Paris, two coaches, Sigrid Niemer and Paul Bogen gave this interview. The seminar was possible within the framework of an EU pilot project of the network Trans Europe Halles.
Video: Culture and sustainability (link is external) (Flash Player required)