Artist’s Cafe Hotspot

Café and Summer Garden

Der Sommergarten des Café Olé mit Gästen

Since its beginning, the central focus of ufaFabrik has been its café. It’s a meeting place for residents, guests, theatre audiences, staff and artists. All kinds of people come together here to meet and exchange ideas.

Those who enjoy a leisurely breakfast, or a quick latte between meetings, a tasty lunch or a bit of an afternoon pick-me-up will delight in the colourful mix of classic and exotic dishes and changing daily specials. Drinks and snacks are available at affordable prices before and after events and shows.

It’s a particularly nice place to spend a sunny afternoon in the summer. The café is located in a car-free garden, so kids can play freely and the air is fresh. The only disturbance comes in form of the greedy sparrows which flit between tables to peck at a leftover cookie or chirp over some crumbs. - Just don’t give them any food, it only encourages their bad behaviour!

Behind the scenes, the café is surprisingly green. The bar, the beer, and the refrigeration all run on a propane-brine system so the café is completely freon-free. The waste heat from the central refrigeration machine heats the water for washing dishes, and the grey water is used to flush the toilets. A solar systems provides electricity, and the green roof provides insulation and contributes to the pleasant indoor atmosphere.

If you are planning a party, we ask you to book early. It’s also possible to rent out the café as a whole for half a day. Reservations are best made by telephone: +49 -30 - 755 03 - 120