Children Circus Festival

Berlin Spotlight on Children

Circuskinder ufaFabrik Circus Festival

Welcome princes, paupers, and grasshoppers!

Since 1987, there’s been a regular “Open Stage” show which takes place during the “Berlin Spotlight on Children” festival. It’s a fast-paced show in which kids aged 4 to 16 present the results of their year’s worth of training alongside actors and musicians from the ufaCircus. The focus is on doing your best, having fun, and making the show your own. It’s fun for school classes, day-care kids, parents, and the whole family.

We invite all kids to come and see, even if they’re not a part of the show, and maybe if they find it interesting, they’ll be premiering at next years event. The most important thing about the Children’s Circus festival is that it’s always unique.

It’s a wonderful place to be.

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