Streaming - enjoy programs live and online

The current situation brings new creativity!

We meet our audience in the living room! Our technical crew and various artist groups are working to entertain you with live streams from our stages.

These streams can be enjoyed for free. You can help us currently as a cultural enterprise by buying vouchers which you can exchange for theatre tickets when the stage program starts again.

Follow us on f facebook or Youtube to make sure you don't miss any livestream.

Trio Fado & Maria Carvalho
Concert - Live Stream
Fri. 27 March 20, 20.30 - 21.00 hrs

Jochen Falck
Comedy Cabaret - Live Stream
Supervised laughter
Sat. 28 March 20, 20.30 - 21 hrs

Concert - Live Stream
Fr. 3. April 20, 20.30 - 21 hrs

Clown Slam
Clown - Show mit Duckie L'Orange
Sa. 4 April 20, 20.30 - 21 hrs

Further dates will be announced shortly.

To the cover photo:
Moving pictures are a tradition on the ufa site. We repaired these old projectors in the early years of the ufa factory and used them for film projection.