Waste separation


Each year, the ufaFabrik generates around 1.000 cubic meters of waste. Before this waste was separated to be recycled and composted, it mostly ended up at incineration plants or waste disposal sites. Now, all of the generated waste is separated into the usual collection systems of glass and wastepaper, but also in large bins for aluminum and plastic packaging.

For bulky waste, scrap metals, scrap woods and compostable waste, there are now separate wooden waste collection bins. Hazardous waste like batteries and paint is collected in metal collection bins and taken to one of the city’s hazardous waste stations.

Cooking oil and frying fat from the kitchens, as well as old bread from the bakery is utilized by recycling companies. The old bread is also partly used to feed the animals from the children’s farm. With the consistent application of this waste separation, the percentage of non-recyclable waste is reduced to around 15% of the total of generated waste.