Neighbourhood and Self-help Centre

Active in Tempelhof and Other Districts

25 Jahre Nachbarschafts- und Selbsthilfezentrum in der ufaFabrik

The aims of NUSZ is to help people live independent, self-reliant lives, and to foster acceptance and tolerance for different lifestyles. There is a family meeting place headquartered in ufaFabrik which offers courses, support, and training for children, young mothers, and families.

The NUSZ - Neighbourhood Centre was developed in the early days of ufaFabrik, and has continued to grow. In 1987, a separate organization was founded. Today it operates over 30 facilities and projects in Berlin, with over 290 employees working together with volunteers. The charity is headquartered in the ufaFabrik building. All activities and locations can be found on the website There you’ll find detailed information on the various offerings including “Home care Services”, “Adventure Playground”, “Zumba” and “Strength Through Circus”.

More about the history and development of the neighbourhood center can be found in the booklet celebrating its 25th anniversary, which you can download.